High performance track and field group based out of Victoria, British Columbia


About Us

We are a middle distance training group consisting of male and female, able bodied, and Paralympic athletes. We specialize in events from the 400m to the 5000m.  We train full time in Victoria, British Columbia, with the goal to qualify for the 2021 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

Our Mission

Our mission as a group is to train and perform at the highest level possible, all while continuing to interact with, and have a positive influence within our community. 

We have daily assistance from the Nation's best athletic staff. This includes exercise physiologists, IST, a sport psychologist, and a registered dietitian. 

Athletically, our team's goal is to win national medals and qualify individuals to compete for Canada at the Olympic Games, World Championships, and other international events. 

Within our community, one of our primary goals is to inspire and develop youth athletes.  This means sharing our own stories, and helping to teach them the fundamentals of our sport, in hopes that they too can participate in sport for life. 

Our partners

Athletics Canada's West Training Hub and Canadian Sport Institute Pacific.

Proudly funded by 94 Forward; Legacy fund of the Victoria, 1994 Commonwealth games, committed to giving back to high performance sport in Victoria.

Our Training Environment

Our primary training location is the Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence. This is the location of the Athletics Canada west hub high performance gym, track, and exercise physiology lab.

The exercise physiology lab gives us the unique opportunity to test and produce longitudinal data on variables such as VO2 max, lactic threshold, running economy, and body composition


Vancouver Island is also home to some of my most beautiful trails in the world, which we often utilize for our runs and off-track training sessions.

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