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Pre Season Training Camp

   This year we kicked off our fall training in our own back yard at Lake Cowichan.  The small lake town is just over an hour up Island from Victoria, and hosts an endless amount of some of the most beautiful trails in Canada.  Although we visited the track for strength workouts, a majority of our running workouts at this time of year are high volume and done on soft surface trails to ease the impact on our bodies. Fortunately for us, the Cowichan Valley Trail, which goes all the way from Victoria to Lake Cowichan is over 50km in length, and is well groomed and perfect for long runs, tempo runs, and recovery days. 

   In addition to the running and strength sessions, we also had several opportunities to bond as team, and learn from some of our amazing support staff that made the trip with us.  Our team's registered dietitian, Jessalyn O'Donnell organized a cook off, to help expand our cooking skills to be able to cook a well rounded meal in a time crunch, just as we often have to do in order to get proper nutrients directly after a training session. Sport psychologist, John Coleman, lead us through some team building activities and breath work, where we were forced to get out of our comfort zones, and find relaxation in discomfort; a skill that is highly useful in running. Lastly our competitive drive was put to the test in a trivia game, lead by sport scientist Gareth Standford and Sport Biomechanist Ryan Brodie 

   We were lucky to also have chiropractor Simon Pearson, physiotherapist Patricia Roney, and massage therapist Nathan Garrison also join us and help to keep up healthy and performing our best during this camp.

Fall 2020: Return to Training and Vic City Elite Run Clinics

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    After an unusual 2020 "outdoor season" which ended in a series of time trials this July, the group took a couple weeks off to recover.  We typically take 2-3 weeks off of running, and then spend the next month or two slowly building back into regular training.  In addition to taking the time to physically, and mentally rest, members of our group also took this time to reach out to the community, and host a series of run clinics for kids and families in the Victoria area.  

    Mariah hosted a two week "Summer Running Oasis Clinic", where entire families were invited to join her at PISE, to participate in a series of running related games, drills, circuits, and team activities. This allowed families to work in teams together, while still maintaining safe social distance from other families.  

    Vaughn and Erin also hosted a run clinic, early this September, aimed to teach kids ages 5-12 the fundamentals of track and field.  This two night event introduced kids of all abilities to events such as sprints, throwing, and jumping, and taught specific form drills and skills specific to track and field. 

    With the help from other team members volunteering, these events were a huge success!  A post event surveyed showed 100% of respondents would participate in a similar event again. Because of the success of these events, we decided to host a brand new event this fall: Vic City Run Club.  This clinic will run from October, to mid December, and is a family- centred event that will help kids and families stay active, and develop into more well rounded athletes. 

   One of the benefits of the our Fall base season is that we have a break from competitive racing and travelling. Because of this, we have the opportunity to host more events such as these run clinics. This doesn't mean the training stops!  We will be in full on training mode this fall, in preparation for our 2021 season.  For many members of the group, Fall is an opportunity to work on aerobic strength, longer runs, and tons of tempo work.  It's also an opportunity for us to lay a strong foundation in the weight room, to physically prepare our bodies for all the tough track workouts in the upcoming year.  

   For more updates on our training, racing, and community engagement efforts, follow along on this page, as well as our social media!